Gallery.Delivery, performance and exhibition format, presented by Roehrs & Boetsch, 2018
Lifelong Learning, duo exhibition with Silvio Lorusso, 2018
Hopes and Deliveries (Survival Creativity), video archive + installation, 2017-2018
Speed Reading, 16-channel video installation, 2018
Humans As Software Extensions, essay, 2018
Five Years Of Captured Captchas, leporello books, captcha archives, 2017
I Will Say Whatever You Want In Front Of A Pizza, lecture performance, Prezi video, 2017
What We Could Have Thought, If Only For A Moment, ai software, custom LED display, 2018
Segmentation.Network, website, 2016
This is the Problem, the Solution, the Past and the Future, conceptual dataset for machine learning and machine vision, 2017
Decision Space, intervention on gallery website, website, 2016
Is this the Problem, the Solution, the Past or the Future?, bot performance, 2017
LSTM (Long Short Term Memory), installation, website, 2015
Search by Image, algorithmic videos, 2011-2016
Search by Image, 250 books and 3 blankets, collaboration with Florian Kuhlmann + Thomas Spallek 2013
How To Appear Offline Forever, website, 2015
Networked Optimization, crowdsourced versions of popular self-help books, collaboration with Silvio Lorusso, 2013
56 Broken Kindle Screens, print-on-demand paperback, e-book, collaboration with Silvio Lorusso, 2012
All jQuery Effects, website, 2012
Parallel Universes, screensaver, video, 2014
10 kg From The New Factory, destructed hard-drives from Google data center, collaboration with Johannes P Osterhoff, 2014
It Was Fun At First, installation, website, botnet, collaboration with Jonas Lund, 2016
Other People Also Bought, website, Amazon Fire tablet, books, collaboration with Jonas Lund, 2013
ThemeForest, intervention on gallery website, 2016
≈, found videos, 2014
Nice-Edinburgh, screen recording (3 hours), 2015
local mbit/s, site-specific website, 2013
Level 333, audio website, 2014
Monumental Cases, Free Monuments as iPhone 5 cases, sculpture webshop, website, 2013
Free Monuments, found photos and videos, website, 2011
81 Points Of View, electro-mechanical augmented reality installation, 2011
Last Midi Background, website (technology obsolete), 2009