Sebastian Schmieg

10 kg From the New Factory

Collaboration with Johannes P Osterhoff

A box of destructed hard-drives we received from Google's data center in
Saint-Ghislain, Belgium.

Networked Optimization

Collaboration with Silvio Lorusso and Amazon Kindle Users

“Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions”
A series of three crowdsourced versions of popular self-help books.

Search by Image


Series of algorithmic videos, made with Google's search by image.

56 Broken Kindle Screens

Collaboration with Silvio Lorusso

A print on demand paperback that consists of found photos depicting broken Kindle screens.

local mbit/s


Site-specific website that measures a location's individual and collective connection speed.

Other People Also Bought

Collaboration with Jonas Lund

Starting with adding the first product ever sold on Amazon, Douglas Hofstadter’s Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought, to our shopping cart, we created a script that automatically adds the next recommended item through Amazon’s “Other People Also Bought” algorithm to the same cart.

All jQuery Effects


All jQuery effects, using the settings from the examples, one after another.



An "out of office" auto-reply containing a constantly updated list of 24 cities where the temperature is 24°C, and where the sun is shining, right at the moment when sending the auto-reply. The list is set in 24px Times New Roman.

Books and Blankets 1

Collaboration with Thomas Spallek and Florian Kuhlmann

250 Booklets and 3 Blankets, all generated with Google's search by image.

Monumental Cases


Free Monuments as Monumental iPhone 5 Cases.

Free Monuments


Photos of computer desks that are given away for free.

81 Points of View


81 Points of View proposes an electro-mechanical setup that overlaps perceived with virtual reality. The result is an elaborate manifestation of a basic principle utilizing old and obsolete technology.

Last Midi Background


A cyberspace shuttle. Last Midi Background plays a continuos stream of MIDI music, songs that are taken from websites where they are used as background music.

Sebastian Schmieg