I Will Say Whatever You Want In Front Of A Pizza

video loop, lecture performance, Prezi, 2017

I Will Say Whatever You Want In Front Of A Pizza is a speculative Prezi that explores digital labor, the amalgamation of humans and software, and the possibility of interventions inside algorithmic systems. It is narrated from the perspective of a cloud worker. While technology is often described as an extension of our bodies, the Prezi (presentation software) video explores a reversed relationship: digital workers as software extensions. The ubiquitous network and the computerization of everything have not only blurred the lines between bots and people – supposedly autonomous programs are sometimes people that have to act as if they were software. This development has also made it very easy for everyone to hire, program, and retire humans as part of any workflow: bodies and minds that can be plugged in, rewired, and discarded as one sees fit.

The Prezi can exist in multiple forms simultaneously – video, slideshow, lecture performance, etc. Furthermore, the piece is never finished and can constantly update in order to always meet the market’s demands.

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